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Showroom of award winning productions - NOT AVAILABLE    

Listed below are award winning productions NOT currently available for international distribution. Our current, AVAILABLE productions are listed here.

For your convenience please use this list to jump to a synopsis of the production, then hit "details" to see a description, technical specification and distribution.

October 43
Men of honour
The Big Illusion

October 43
On the night between the 1st and the 2nd of October 1943, the German occupying power went into action against the Jewish population in Denmark. Shortly before the operation however, information had leaked from the German Head Quarter and Denmark had time to prepare themselves for the German onslaught.

Escape routes were organised, and the Jews - suddenly refuges in their own country - flocked north to Gilelleje, the key port of disembarkation. Details

Men of Honour
This film tells the incredible but true story of two extraordinary cousins. Linked by blood – separated by war – defending the honour of family and country on opposite sides in World War II.

When they were boys, they went hunting together and played war-games in the woods of South Zealand in Denmark – not knowing that a few years later the game would turn into reality. ANDERS LASSEN – known as "ANDY" – joined the British army and became a highly respected member of the famous SAS regiment. AXEL VON DEM BUSSCHE had to follow the traditions of his fathers Saxon family. He joined the German army and became a highly decorated officer in Hitler's 9th regiment.


The big Illusion
On October 6th, 1943, 120 Jews were captured by Gestapo while hiding in the church in the small fishing village Gilleleje. They were all sent to the concentration camp "Theresienstadt".

After the arrival of the Danish Jews, Theresienstadt was turned into a gigantic set-piece, to be included in the Nazi propaganda programme.

When a Danish Red Cross delegation were allowed to visit the camp in the summer of '44, they became spectators to a well rehearsed act which completely concealed the Nazi activities. Prior to the visit of the Danish delegation, 16.000 people had been killed to make "lebensraum", and after the delegation had left - and written a positive report about the conditions in the camp - nearly all witnesses to the hoax shared this fate. Details


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