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The Fifth Gate - Director's Comments    

Bente Milton, the director of the Fifth Gate, comments about her film:

The Indian word "HOPI" means peace, and it is the HOPI appeal to the world -asking all people to make peace and create balance on the earth - that I am trying to communicate to a broad audience with this film.

The UN has decided that the year 2000 should be the International Year for Peace Culture. The aim is for us to change our behavior, values and attitudes so we can prevent war, violence and social injustice. According to the ancient Indian myths it was inappropriate human behavior which led to the annihilation of previous civilizations. Similar stories are found in nearly all the religions of the world, so maybe there is a truth in it?

The original people of the Earth, the indigenous peoples, are close to dying out, and the universal wisdom, which they have managed to preserve for thousands of years, may soon be lost. In our greedy striving for material wealth we have lost our connection with the Earth, our mutual respect for each other, and our faith in God as the creator of all things. If we don't reverse that trend, and develop on a spiritual level, then technology will take over, and the tools we have created will eventually rise up against us all. That is the essential message from the old Indians.

Soon the few remaining Elders will be gone. Now is the time to listen to what they have to say.

Bente Milton


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