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Children of Gaia    

The Children of Gaia (original title Gaias børn)

NABIL SHABAN is a British disabled actor, well known from television and several Hollywood films. He suffers from a condition called "brittled bones" and his physical appearance often evokes strong feelings. Peoples reactions range from awe, curiosity and compassion to fear, repulsion and plain aggression.

"Our fearful fascination of the disfigured has its roots way back in our collective history" says Nabil - and invites the audience to join him on a fascinating journey through time.

From antiquity - when deformed human beings were role models for Greek and Roman Gods to the Age of Reason, dominated by scientists attempts to find "natural" explanations. We visit the Victorian world of side-show freaks and take a look at Hitler's Racial improvement program, which had fatal consequences for thousands of disabled people.

Today's advanced world of gene technology and prenatal diagnosis have made it possible to prevent the birth of deformed babies, but are we quite aware of the consequences? And do we have the right to deprive others of the right to live just because they look different?


Duration :


Format :

BetaCam Digital
SX/SP 16:9
Inc IT Soundtrack

Written and Directed :

Bente Milton


Lars Scree


Pernille Bech Christensen

Co-production :

Danish Film Institute TV2/DANMARK

Production :

Milton Media

Supported by:

The Danish Film Institute Workshop

DOCUMENTARY, an initiative of the MEDIA programme of the EU

16:9 ACTION PLAN, an initiative of the MEDIA programme of the EU

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After meeting four severely disfigured people - who like Nabil Shaban might belong to the last generation of their kind - we may find ourselves profoundly questioning our ideas of beauty and perfection!

This film was nominated for a large number of awards.

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