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Chernobyl Cover-up    

Chernobyl Cover-up

The seven most powerful industrial nations - the G7 - has recently decided to give the Ukraine more than 715 million dollars in special aid.


Duration :

58mins (30mins possible)

Format :

Digital BetaCam

Directed and produced by:

Bente Milton, Sabine Kemper and Jørgen Pedersen

Director of photography:

Moton Bruss


Pernille Bech Christensen

Produced by:

Netproduktion and Milton Media in co-production with ZDF/ARTE and DR TV

Email a distribution enquiry about this production.

DR TV International in Denmark


The money is earmarked for the construction of a second shelter, which is to seal up the sarcophagus surrounding the accident reactor at Chernobyl in order to prevent possible radioactive leakage. But a nuclear physicist, Konstantin Tjetjerov, from the Kurchatov Institute in Moscow - who has personally examined the ruined reactor - claims that very little radioactive material remains inside. In spite of the obvious conflict with the official explanations, he holds firmly to his original thesis: that around 95% of the nuclear fuel was expelled during the disaster in 1986. A German physicist Dr. Sebastian Plugbeil - who has completed 15 years of research on the medical and environmental effects of the accident - believes that Tjetjerov could be right and decides to make a daring expedition into the heart of the accident reactor!

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