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Alison's Baby    

Alison's Baby

Alison Lapper was born without arms and with short deformed legs. She has a strong way of dealing with all her physical disadvantages - and her resolve to make the most of life is inspiring. Her career as an artist - mouth-painter, photographer and sculptress - is driven by her determination to change peoples attitudes and open their eyes to a different kind of beauty.


Duration :

45 mins (flexible)

Format :

Digital BetaCam

Director :

Bente Milton

Director of photography:

Moton Bruss


Pernille Bech Christensen

Co-production :


Production :

Milton Media

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When Alison finds out that she has become pregnant, she is faced with a barrage of thorny questions: Will the baby be normal or have physical abnormalities like its mother? How far into pregnancy will her small body be able to cope with the expanding foetus? And last but not least: How does a single woman with no arms and truncated body look after a helpless baby?

In the film, we follow Alison's unfolding life before, during and after the birth of her son Parys - a perfectly normal and sweet little boy. Alison soon realises that she cannot cope without a live-in nanny to assist her when she breast-feeds, bathes her baby and changes his nappy. As a self employed woman she takes pride in paying for everything herself, but being totally depending on help from outside places her in a vulnerable position. The welfare committee of care professionals who have assembled to deal with Alison's case have the power to remove Parys from her at any time, if they don't think she can cope as a mother...and they don't seem to be providing much practical support…

When her first nanny decides to leave without notice, Alison is thrown into a major crises, but she is determined to keep her baby at home. Luckily she has a strong network of friends to help her out, and in spite of all her difficulties she is managing the situation surprisingly well. She has to learn a new set of skills and fight a few battles - but she raises to the challenge and grows stronger and more confident day by day.

ALISONS BABY was nominated for IDA Awards 2001 and winner of PRIX ITALIA Granorolo Award 2002

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