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Bente Milton....a profile    

Below is a brief profile of award winning director / producer Bente Milton:

Director and Producer : Bente Milton

Bente Milton's professional filmmaking career started in 1991 at the National Film school in Denmark, where she developed her first documentary project - "October 43", a film which was later successfully produced, and nominated for a TV OSCAR.

Over the years she has produced and directed a large number of high profile documentaries including: The Secret Factor, Children of Gaia, The fifth Gate, and Alison's Baby. Her personal track record includes more than 20 international awards and nominations.

Bente Milton’s films are usually targeted at an international audience and most of them have been broadcast prime time in a large number of countries around the world.

In recent years she has done a lot of travelling, attending international film festivals around the world and giving lectures about her work and life as a filmmaker.


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