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A selection of awards and nominations which we are proud to have recieved:

The Chernobyl Cover-up

An investigative documentary, revealing that the second shelter which is designed to be covering the accident reactor in Chernobyl, may be an unnecessary smokescreen operation supported by ignorant government officials influenced by the powerful nuclear industry lobby.

Produced by Netproduction and Milton Media in co-production with DR, ZDF & ARTE - Written and directed by Bente Milton, Sabine Kemper & Jørgen Pedersen.

: Winner of European Television Prize - Ôkomedia 2002
2003: Nominated for the Grimme Preis

Alisons Baby

A portrait of the armless artist Alison Lapper who gives birth to a baby boy, and has to face life as a single mother.

Produced by Milton Media and Bech Film in co-production with:
HBO - USA, Channel 4 - UK, ZDF - Germany & TV2 - Denmark.
Written and Directed by Bente Milton

: Nominated for IDA awards for distinguished feature film
2002: Winner of PRIX ITALIA - special Granorolo prize.

Important International screenings:

: Theatrical run at Doctober screenings - USA

The Fifth Gate

An extraordinary documentary revealing a startling picture of mankinds very early existance and a glimps into the future we all share.

Produced by Milton Media in co-production with the Danish Film Institute i co-operation with the Scandinavian TV-stations, Vision TV - Canada, RTSR - Switzerland, RTBF - Belgium and Lichtpunt.
Written and directed by Bente Milton

Important screenings:
2002: Screened in connection with the UN world summit in South Africa.

Russian Roulette

A former chief of the Industrial nuclear concern of the USSR, steps foward to reveal strictly confidential and highly alarming information concerning the safety of the Ignalina nuclear power plant.

Produced by Netproduction and Milton Media - and sold to TV-stations around the world.
Written and directed by Bente Milton and Jørgen Pedersen.

: Nominated for the Monte Carlo Television Award.

Children of Gaia

A 1-hour documentary on the implications and effects of extreme physical abnormality. Produced by Milton Media in co-production with TV2-Denmark and The Danish Film Institute.

Written and directed by Bente Milton

: 1998 Grand Prix - Pärnu International Documentary film festival.
1999: Best documentary - Nordic Film-days in Lübeck, Germany.
1999: Danish Film Academy Award - Documentary of the year.
1999: Certificate of Merit - Golden Gate Awards, San Fransisco
1998: International Travel Grant, Nordic Panorama
1998: Special Recommendation of the Jury - PRIX EUROPA
1999: Best Documentary, Festival International del media Ambient, ........Gava, Spain
2000: Danish Disability Foundation, Encouragement Prize.
2000: Nominated for the TV-Festival prize 2000
Important Screenings:
1998: Margaret Mead Film Festival, New York
1999: IDFA, Amsterdam

The Secret Factor

A 1-hour documentary revealing new facts about the Chernobyl Accident Produced by Milton media in co-production with DR-Danish Broadcasting.

Written and directed by Bente Milton.

: Winner of Princes' Award - for the best documentary on Europe's environment.
1999: Winner of Ekofilm Publicist Prize at the International Environmental Film Festival.
Important Screenings:
1998: Visions du REEL, in the category "Grand reportage".

October 43

About the rescue of the Danish Jews in World War II.
Produced by Milton Media in Co-production with Feltwave and DR-Danish Broadcasting.

Written and directed by Bente Milton.

: Nominated for a TV-OSCAR (Best Television Programme)

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